Charlie Roberts for Diemme

Charlie Roberts (b. 1983) is a visual artist from Kansas, USA, who lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Roberts’ works range from art historical and pop cultural references, to Egyptian paintings and hip-hop. In recent years, he has had exhibitions in the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom and the United States.

We got to know Charlie through his work at Dapper, a Diemme wholesale partner and brilliant menswear store in Oslo. Dapper commissioned Charlie to work with them on their latest store location, and painted right on the wall, is one of Charlie’s amazing characters, a dog, out hiking, in a pair of navy Diemme Everest  AW19.  A conversation at Dapper, sparked the idea of a collaboration, and Charlie had the vision of playing around with the Diemme logo.  He drew an all of print  of 17 different cartoons,  all variations over the Diemme Mountain logo, that we printed onto an Italian canvas. After some testing, we decided to work on the Inverno Vet model, which is currently not in the Diemme collection. The last time we worked on the boot in canvas, was for our Elder Statesman collaboration three years ago.

Charlie also painted an amazing work, to go with the boots. His character, with a meta touch, is wearing the Charlie Roberts for Diemme, Inverno Vet.


Metaboots. With Italian canvas, inside and out, Charlie Roberts take on Inverno Vet, has a touch of renaissance. 

The footbed in all-over printed Charlie Roberts for Diemme, cartoons. 

Charlie Roberts for Diemme , a non-leather take on our classic silhouette, Inverno Vet, on top of a Vibram Cristy Rubber sole construction.

Limited to one pair, per size. Pre-order only.  No refundable, exchange in other Diemme product only.

Delivery time is estimated to 10th of January. Order window closes on the 7th of December.