Diemme Recupero

Since 1992, Diemme have been producing shoes, out of our own factory, in the Montebeluna area. We have produced a rich variety of footwear styles, for an even richer variety of clients, including ourselves, the Diemme brand. From military boots, to work boots, to mountain boots, via sandals, replica army trainers, and slip-ons for the king of the classic slip-ons. All this requires a vast amount of materials. Soles. Hardware. Reinforcement. Laces. Footbeds. Piping. Rubber rands. Wools. Suedes. Canvases. Full grains. Nappa. Cordura. Keprotec. Deer skin. Sympatex linings. Salmon skin. Tweed. Nubucks. Reflective leather.

The list goes on.

The art of production is a fine balance between materials, knowledge, humans, machines and time. One of the key elements in having a healthy production company, is the reduction of waste. To utilize every inch of a leather, is like solving a puzzle, in reverse. You place the cutting knives on top of the leather, and try to cover as much as possible.

We have always focused on reducing our waste, but also to utilize all the materials that is left over after production. Even though we are careful in every step, there is hard to avoid that somethings does not go according to plan. Or, that some materials requires a higher minimum buy, than we where able to sell of the finished product.

When closing in on 30 years in business, we have assembled a good amount of residue materials. From this, we will start producing limited quantity product, together with our retail and collaborative partners. We have named the concept Diemme Recupero, where recupero means recovery. We recover materials from our shelves and give them the life they where intended to. Out in the world, as a finished product.

Besides our own stock of unused materials, we will also buy recupero materials from a neighbourhood company, Maeba International. For more than 15 years, Maeba has been buying left-over fabrics from production, from all the great Italian manufacturers. They have recently stablished a certification for a big part of their stock, called Relivetex. A sign of quality, a sign that using the textile will lower the carbon footprint of the material involved with up to 80%.

We will launch Diemme Recupero together with the great London concept store,  LN/CC, for their 10th anniversary. Together with LN/CC, we have created two versions of the Diemme Maggiore mule, both draped in bespoke tweed from the amazing UK manufactory Linton Tweeds.

The LN/CC 10/10 will go live from the 10th of October, with Diemme Maggiore Recupero 001  for LN/CC,  launching on the 18th of October.