Mount Sunny’s take on Diemme

Western styles and details serve as a strong identity of Mount Sunny’s home. “It was our goal to utilize some of the fabrics and leathers commonly found in ranchwear, such as hair-on cowhide and vegetable tanned leather. Featured on the contemporary-yet-practical silhouettes from Diemme, we chose vegetable tan as it will darken with sun exposure and use, evolving with the wearer as they endure hikes, dirt trails, etc. Finally, you’ll find a blue-sky colored insole, only visible to the wearer. This completes the full picture as you imagine the scenery of a sprawling ranch on a sunny Arizona day.” Spencer Ramirez, Mount Sunny.-

Endlessly inspired by our native desert landscape, we wanted to apply the colors of our daily surroundings to this project with Diemme.”

– Mount Sunny

Monte Soleggiato Tee

The Mount Sunny x Diemme t-shirt is composed of 100% organic cotton grown on certified organic farms in the USA. The tees are then processed, knit, and sewn in North Carolina. The shirt is dyed to its Dirt color using a low impact eco-friendly pigment dye and will wear over time. The graphic reads “MONTE SOLEGGIATO“, the Italian translation of Mount Sunny.


When we joined forces with Diemme, we wanted to envision Mount Sunny as a mirage appearing in the mountains of Italy, where we could create tools for this cosmic journey ahead. This t-shirt serves as camouflage against the desert rock terrain and also a souvenir for those that endoured the climb.

– Spencer Ramirez, Mount Sunny

Post Hike Energy Blend

As part of the collaborative effort, Mount Sunny created a new Body Balancing Blend to assist on the journey towards Monte Soleggiato. This new blend is an enhanced version of their well-loved Big Sun energizing formula. With added Ginseng and Rhodiola Root, this stimulating formula encourages sustained physical and mental performance for times of increased exertion. Great for outdoor activity and extended time in nature.

About Mount Sunny

Mount Sunny inspires intentional living through the ancient healing modalities of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Anchored by an acupuncture clinic and design studio in Phoenix, Arizona, Mount Sunny offers Body Balancing Blends, a combination of adaptogens, traditional Chinese herbs, and mushrooms that target the body’s immune system, energy levels, and stressors. The line of herbal supplements is complemented by a line of clothing centered around organic fibers and natural dyes, often utilizing ingredients found in the herbal supplements to obtain pigment. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the concept of duality plays a central role in embodying vitality. By embracing the duality of life, physical and non-physical, the shady and sunny side of the mountain-Mount Sunny explores the full depth of ones well-being.

The collection is available for sale online March 25th 2022 at Diemme, Mount Sunny and LNCC.