Throwing Fits per DIEMME

The podcasters were on top of the world then, heading into an appointment with a representative from Diemme, an Italian luxury-shoe manufacturer. They were taking the first step toward opening “new revenue streams” by designing a pair of boots.” The Shock Jocks of MenswearThe New Yorker, June 15, 2020

2020 is no ordinary year,  so it should come as no surprise that one of our most sought after collaborations this year, are with Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris,  aka The Shock Jocks of Menswear“, aka @sartoriallyinc and @doctortaco, aka Larry and Jimmy of Throwing Fits

“When we launched The Only Podcast That Matters™, one thing we knew we had to do once we found our footing was collaborate with actual brands who know what the fuck they’re doing and make some of the best shit in the world. Diemme’s been cranking out god-level gorp from the Dolomites since ‘92, and we knew we had to freak their new Balbi model with a custom gum sole, silky smooth hunter green suede, and an extra pull tab up top just because they told us we could do whatever we wanted.. “

Throwing Fits for Diemme, will be a pre-order only situation. Order window will be open from the 7th of September, until the 18th of September. Delivery time will be 6 weeks from order date. Throwing Fits for Diemme Balbi, priced at 249 EUR, ex. VAT.